3 Places To Find A Good Lawyer

lawyer2If you have a complex legal problem or one that involves a lot of money, you should not attempt to handle the matter without a lawyer.

Lawyers do more than dispense legal information, they apply sophisticated technical skills to legal problems and offer strategic advice. It is possible to find a good lawyer who will be your legal coach and educate you to the possible maximum extent and if necessary take over as your formal legal attorney.

Where to find a good lawyer

Finding a good lawyer who will help you with your particular problem is not easy and you should not expect to locate one by reading the advertisement or looking in the phonebook. These sources do not have enough information to help you make a valid judgment. Here are three places you can find good lawyers:

  1. Personal referrals

First, you should know that the right lawyer is not only the one with the right qualifications for the job but also one who you can trust and you are comfortable with. First look for a lawyer who is recognized in your town or area. If you have family or friends who have had an experience with the type off lawyer you are looking for, you can start there.

Also, if you know any lawyer who handles other types of legal matters, ask him for the names of three top rated lawyers who can handle the type of law you need help with

Colleagues and even company bosses and supervisors can also give you one or more names of the type of lawyer you are looking for. Personal referral is always a great way of finding a good lawyer.

  1. Online services

If you fail to get a persona referral from a professional acquaintance or trusted friend, go to websites such as maerindale.com, justice.org, avvo.com, thenationaltriallawyers.com and look for the type of lawyer you need.

You can also check the ratings of a lawyer you were referred to in the above websites before hiring him orlawyer her.

  1. Contact the local attorney organization (Bar)

This is another good place where you can find experienced lawyers. Contact the local lawyer organization and ask for the names as well as contacts of the past two presidents of the organization. Next contact the offices of these individuals and ask them if they handle your type of case, if not let them refer you to a lawyer who can represent you. Again, this is a great way of getting a top notch attorney to represent you.