Why choose FB&G attorneys

jjjhhIf you are looking for a great attorney to represent you in your case, you should look no further than Fraulob Brown & Gowen law firm. This is one of the most respected law firms in Sacramento. There are so many ways that they have represented many California Residents.

Be it helping them claim their worker’s compensation benefits, or even claiming denied social security benefits. Their long years of dedicated service in trying to get a favourable ruling on the side of their clients have earned them a good reputation in the whole of California. Their areas of specialization include the following:

In many cases, most social security disability insurance applications (SSDI) are usually denied in the initial stages of application. This insurance is crucial to the disabled persons as this is what they use to support their families. The attorneys at Fraulob Brown and associates understand this and they therefore have studied extensively so as to be able to represent their clients adequately. Here, you will receive all the legal help you want pertaining to the Social Security disability insurance.


Another crucial are is the workers’ compensation. There are so many employers out there who want to exploit their employees, failing to pay them even when they are liable for loss. This is another important area where a client will need professional guidance so as to win the case. The attorneys here will ensure that you have the best defence available to win a given case. They will evaluate all possible solutions to ensure that you get the compensation you so deserve.

The term “elder law” encompasses a variety of services ranging from wills and trusts to advanced health care directives. The attorneys at FB&G will offer you quality counsel and represent you if need be. They assist the seniors together with their families in resolving the legal issues that they may have. They aim at promoting the highest quality life affordable for all the members of the family.

Lastly, FB&G will help you with all the estate planning you need to avoid future legal complications even when you are gone. Their vast experience enables them foresee the possible complications that may arise. This ensures that your family gets to enjoy what you live them without worry.